Casas de Esperanza Overview


Casas de Esperanza

In just a week, you could change the life of a family forever…

A fantastic week-long experience that allows you to live out your values practically

You bring the labor, and we'll provide everything else!

An Opportunity for team building and to get to know and bless a local Juárez family





Casas de Esperanza

Casas de Esperanza (Homes of Hope) is a rewarding YWAM EP-J ministry that benefits those living in communities around our ministry center who are endeavoring to break the cycle of poverty in which they find themselves. We see many families caught up in circumstances that give them little hope for improvement, and that hopelessness will most likely be passed along to the next generation. The vision of YWAM EP-J is to focus on one or two communities at a time, working with local pastors, and help with community development. Casas de Esperanza (Homes of Hope) gives us the opportunity to work in communities in a way that models justice and mercy. As we work with families there, building homes for those in greatest need, they experience hope and see that someone cares about them.
This is what the father of one family shared after two teams built a home for his family.

“I give thanks to God for each person that came, worked hard, and gave money to build my house. At this moment, the house has many uses. It is starting to get cold outside so it is nice to live there. I want to say to the teams that it is a great help and blessing for my family. We are always praying for those that helped and always ready to receive them again.”

We also meet pastors with vision to impact communities, but who are limited in their resources. Casas de Esperanza (Homes of Hope) is committed to helping them, so we have expanded our building focus to included church structures as well. As God links our ministry with pastors and shows us to invest in their vision, we approach individuals and organizations to help underwrite the cost and provide teams to help in construction.
A team leader made this comment after his team worked on the first church constructed.

“I am very impressed with the pastor’s vision and excited to see how God will bring it to pass. Every dollar that was given and every hour of labor donated has eternal impact in this community.”

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