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You are able to play a vital role in the vision of YWAM missionaries and ministries. Every YWAM missionary and ministry is released into God’s Great Commission through partnership with supporters. Your love, financial, and prayer support are a part of the faith-building adventure we are on as we witness God doing great things.

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Ways To Invest

Giving Instructions

Ways To Invest

Missionary Support

Each YWAM missionary functions on the financial support of partners like you. By linking with a local YWAM missionary, you can help support them in what God has called them to do, build relationship with them, and have a part in God’s work here along the U.S.-Mexico border and around the world. YWAM El Paso-Juárez also helps process the funds for YWAM missionaries at other locations.

General Donations

General donations are used for the operating costs of our ministry location (electric, water and sewer, supplies and equipment, maintenance, etc.) and enable us to function in the different areas of ministry here at YWAM El Paso-Juárez. At times general donations may be used for a specific area that has a financial need.

Rancho Los Amigos

Rancho Los Amigos (RLA) is the children’s home ministry of YWAM El Paso-Juárez. There are several ways you can give to this ministry.

Child Sponsorship

Each child at RLA is supported through monthly sponsorships. Gifts of $30, $60, $100, or more go toward the $450 we need per child each month to help cover different expenses included in their care. To find out more about our sponsorship program, please fill out the online contact form or contact us at

General Operating Expenses

Designated gifts toward the RLA operating expenses help with food, utility costs, vehicle expenses, maintenance, and more. These are vital for maintaining the level of care we offer to the children brought to us.

Education Fund

We believe education is key to improving the future for our children. Our goal is to provide each one with the best bilingual education we can, so your designated gifts allow us to place them in a school that provides a solid, character-based education.

Anchor Donation

To meet our yearly budget and to maintain the quality of care of the children, we need several large donations a year to anchor us in the occasional challenging financial currents.  If you are able to give a gift of $1,000 or more, this may be how you can partner with us to impact these children’s lives and change their future.

New Children’s Home

The current adobe structure that the children live in is disintegrating and must be replaced.  Work is almost finished on the complete plans for the new home and funds are beginning to come in.  Will you help provide a new safe and secure home for our children?


Our strategic location along the U.S.-Mexico border enables us to impact people from many nations. For those coming from developing nations, it is more difficult to meet the costs of the different programs. Following are some of the Scholarship Funds we have established for YWAM El Paso-Juárez.

Short Term Ministries

There are many children and youth in churches around Juárez who hunger for the opportunity to know God more intimately. Our Spanish Mission Adventures program gives them one week to hear God’s Word, learn effective dramas, and then apply what they learn through outreaches around the city. Our goal is to give at least 50 young people this opportunity each spring. A donation of $150 will sponsor one young person to attend the next Spanish Mission Adventures session.

Training Schools

One goal of our ministry is to raise up missionaries and leaders from Mexico and other developing nations to go into the world and spread the Good News! We already have several missionaries from Mexico in the least evangelized nations of the world trained and sent out from our ministry. Often it is harder for students from developing nations to afford the tuition for our training schools, so we have established a Training Scholarship Fund for these students. This fund provides approximately 63% of the normal tuition fee per recipient. We need to raise approximately $2,100 per studentfrom developing nations. Will you prayerfully consider a gift to this fund?

Giving Instructions

Thank you for giving to a YWAM El Paso-Juárez program or a YWAM missionary or ministry.  Here are the different options for donating or paying your program fees (Ex. – Training school fees and Short Term Ministries trip fees).  If you have any questions, please contact us at or call our office at (915) 757-3387.

For each option below, a receipt will be sent in the mail.  U.S. tax-deductible receipts are sent for donations only, not for school registration fees, tuition, or payments for short-term trips. We are not able to issue tax-deductible receipts for other countries. Please contact us for information on how to receive a tax-deductible receipt for your specific country.

1. By Check

(Preferably convert foreign currency to U.S. Dollars)

  1. Make checks payable to: YWAM
  2. Designate your donation.  (For YWAM missionary support, to comply with U.S. tax-deductible requirements, do not write the person’s name anywhere on the check.  Instead, attach a separate note designating it for that person.)
  3. Mail the check to:  YWAM El Paso-Juárez – 4444 Edgar Park Avenue – El Paso, TX 79904 – USA
2. Online ‘Bill Pay’ (usually the most economical)

  1. Log in to your bank account online.
  2. Go to “Bill Pay” or similar method of sending bank authorized checks.
  3. Enter Youth With A Mission El Paso/Juarez as a Company to be Paid (Vendor), using the following address:
    4444 Edgar Park Avenue, El Paso, TX 79904
  4. Enter the missionary’s name, ministry, or Rancho child’s name you are donating to in the Account box (as there is no account number and not all memos print on the check.)
  5. Enter amount of donation and date you wish to send or set up recurring donations.
  6. Enter remaining requested information.
  7. Confirm the transaction as directed.
3. Secure Online Withdrawal from Bank Account or Debit/Credit

A.  Follow this link to donate online.
B.  Follow the directions within the online system:

*Note: This online option is welcome but 4% is lost to bank fees.*

**When used to make payments for students or teams, the 4% must be covered by the person paying. To include the 4% bank fees with the payment, calculate the amount to send, by dividing the desired payment by 0.96. (For example, to pay tuition, of $770, send 750/.96=781.25).**

  1. On the left side choose the “First Time New User Registration” option to create an account.
  1. After creating an account choose “Give Now” or “Scheduled Giving.”
  2. To transfer money from your account using an “eCheck”, click on the little picture of a check towards the upper right of the screen. Otherwise remain on the current screen to give via your credit/debit card.
  3. For both options enter the amount of your gift and “Choose a Fund.” Add additional comments as needed (i.e. missionary name, child name, etc.)
  4. Enter the additional details required.
  5. Click “Submit” to finalize the transaction.
4. PayPal (no longer the preferred method)

  1. Log in to your existing PayPal account at
  2. Choose the “Send Money” tab
  3. Enter our email address:
  4. Enter amount to donate (please include 2.9% + $.30 USD if paying school tuition or outreach fees)
  5. Choose the “Personal” tab
  6. Select “Purchase”
  7. At this point, if you do not have a Bank account linked to your PayPal account, you will be asked if you would like to pay the PayPal fee. The amount sent to your missionary will be reduced if you do not choose to pay the fee. If your PayPal and Bank accounts are linked, no fees apply.
  8. Put the missionary, RLA child’s name, or ministry you are donating to in the Memo box.
  9. Enter remaining requested information.
  10. Hit Send!
5. Stock (may offer U.S. tax advantages)

Please contact our Accounting office at or (915) 757-3387 to obtain the account information for transferring stock.

6. Wire Transfers / Direct Deposits (for unusual circumstances only)

To process a wire transfer or direct deposit for payment of a donation or program fee, please contact our Accounting department first.  We need to be aware that money is being processed this way.  Once you contact us, we will provide you with the account information necessary for completing the transfer.