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What is LifeReach International?

LifeReach International is the Mother and Newborn Healthcare (MNH) mercy ministry of YWAM El Paso-Juárez. Based in El Paso, Texas, we are strategically located right on the border of Mexico! LifeReach uses midwifery and healthcare education to impact communities, helping women to have safer births and healthier newborns. We are currently offering the following programs in several locations, coordinated through various missions and non-governmental organizations (NGO).

Become a Midwife with a mission, to share God's compassion as you serve mothers, babies, families & communities around the globe!

Schools & Seminars

Midwifery Essentials Course

The Midwifery Essentials Course takes the students into the knowledge and assessments for women having pregnancies which are not normal. The location for this course is in a higher volume birth facility to gain skills alongside of the lecture series.

Midwifery Certification Course

The Midwifery Certification Course prepares the student with all the advanced midwifery knowledge and skills, as well as proper documentation, to permit her to sit the midwifery exams to become legally recognized as a midwife.

Midwifery School

The Midwifery School is composed of three main programs: Midwife Assistant Course, Midwifery Essentials Course and the Midwifery Certification Course. A Midwife is able to do all of the above skills with the primary focus of guiding and guarding the lives of mothers and babies from pre-pregnancy care through pregnancy, labor, birth, postpartum and care between pregnancies. She is proficient in her natural-care and medical-care skills to influence the lives of women from puberty to menopause. This in turn, influences their children, their families, their communities, and can impact their nation!

Motherhood Caregiver Seminar

A Motherhood Caregiver/Postpartum Doula is able to care for mothers during pregnancy and postnatally as needed. She is trained as a caregiver who can assist women with light household chores, meal preparation and other tasks to relieve the mother of the stresses of normal daily life so she can focus her attention on her new baby. The care is especially focused on wellness therapies, detecting arising problems with mother and baby, and emergency care techniques.

Childbirth Educator Seminar

A Childbirth Antenatel Educator is able to teach pregnant women and families simple topics for health and preparation for labor, birth, postpartum, newborn care and early parenting.

Doula/Labor Companion Seminar

A Doula is a trained labor companion. She can serve as an advocate and to assist the women physically and emotionally to have a safer, more pleasant birth experience.

Midwife Assistant Course

The Midwife Assistant accompanies the Professional Midwife to assist in non-medical and medical tasks, and knows how to deliver babies resulting from a normal pregnancy. She is also able to care for mother and baby after the birth.

Midwife-Teacher Development Course

Seminars are 1 to 6 weeks long and often offer outreaches following the lectures. 

Other courses are usually 12 weeks lecture phase, plus 12 weeks outreach phase.

Did you know?

Did you know that women around the world are dying for problems related to pregnancy?

Did you know every 60 seconds there is a woman giving her life for the cause of reproduction?

Did you know that during that same time, 38 women suffer devastating harm, including fistulas and paralysis?

Did you know that these deaths could be avoided? Most of these deaths occur in under-developed countries where there is limited access to medical care, but in many cases these things transpire because women are not valued in the society.

Did you know that during the next 60 seconds, six women give birth to stillborn babies and seven new-born babies die? These losses could have been avoided!

Did you know that you can make a difference in the lives of these women and babies?

School Dates

Doula School in Nicaragua

April 2-15, 2018 

with teaching & Doula Practice

Price- $550 USD per week (per person)


Midwife Assistant Course

May 2018 (3 year course)

Price- $35 Application fee + Tuition $3,250 USD

(due April 17, 2018)


Contact Information

Midwife York, CPM, LM
LifeReach International

7362 Remcon Circle, El Paso, TX 79904 USA

1-915-225-2257 (USA)

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