LifeReach International

Mother & Newborn Care


What is LifeReach?

LifeReach International is the Mother and Newborn Healthcare (MNH) mercy ministry of YWAM El Paso-Juárez. Based in El Paso, Texas, we are strategically located right on the border of Mexico! LifeReach uses midwifery and healthcare education to impact communities, helping women to have safer births and healthier newborns. We are currently offering the following programs in several locations, coordinated through various missions and non-governmental organizations (NGO).


  • Labour Companion (Doula) Training: A labour companion/doula is someone who is trained to help women during labour.


  • Prenatal Counselor (Childbirth Educator) Training: The Prenatal Counselor (Childbirth Educator) provides education and advice to women and families about health, nutrition, birth, breastfeeding, postpartum & newborn care, etc usually during pregnancy. 


  • Midwifery Preceptorship: A midwife is someone trained and capable to give comprehensive care throughout normal pregnancy, childbirth, newborn and postpartum seasons. Trained midwives travel to various international locations to serve as practitioners and preceptors for students in clinical areas. They often train local students as well as influencing local health practices.


  • Multicultural Practicum: Students travel to diversely cultural practicum sites to learn the hands-on skills involved in midwifery and helping women.


  • Field Placements for short-term or long-term volunteer work: Assisting you to volunteer your skills in a location that needs you, functioning as a liaison for volunteers and organizations


  • Awarding Continuing Education Credits (CEU) and Certification: for various programs and skills.

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Are you ready?

We are bringing answers to desperate global needs by training and placing childbirth educators, labour companions (doulas), and skilled birth attendants in areas were they can make a difference.

You can be trained and go to areas of need. You can send someone else by helping us train local women and healthcare providers. You can pray or send supplies and provisions.

Childbirth Facts

Did You Know?

Did you know that women all over the world die due to pregnancy related problems?

Did you know that every 60 seconds there is one mother who has given her life to the cause of reproduction?

Did you know that in that same time another 38 women suffered devastating injuries, such as fistulas and paralysis?

Did you know that many of those deaths were avoidable? Most of them happened in underdeveloped nations where access to care is limited, but many happened because women were undervalued in their society.

Did you know that in that same 60 seconds, 6 babies were born lifeless and 7 newborns died? The majority of these losses could have been preserved!

Did you know that you can make a difference in the lives of women and their babies?