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Sponsor a Child

A particularly enjoyable aspect of the Rancho Los Amigos (RLA) child sponsorship program is the personal connection that develops between the sponsor and child. You receive at least quarterly correspondence from or about your sponsored child or children. Additionally, a different thank you letter goes out each month after we receive a donation, telling a story and providing a current glimpse of what is happening in or through the home.

Sponsorships of $30 ($1 per day), $60, or $100 per month – or more – help provide for the child’s personal living and educational expenses. Children normally have more than one sponsor to help provide for their needs, as the monthly cost for each child is approximately $450 USD. If fully funded the sponsorship program would cover all expenses. Currently, sponsorships cover less than 45% of all expenses, so we also raise funds for education and general operating expenses.

Sponsorship is more than giving financial support it is about impacting a child who will then have the opportunity to grow up and contribute to their community in a positive way!

Champion the Cause

Become a Patron

The definition of a patron is a person who supports or champions an activity, cause, or institution. A RLA Patron is a backer, benefactor, contributor, friend, sponsor, and supporter who will champion RLA and its programs.

The primary focus for RLA Patrons is to represent the overall ministry of Rancho Los Amigos, in particular the capital fundraising campaign for the New Children’s Home.  We encourage each patron to represent RLA and its programs among those with whom they already have established relationships.  Here is what a current Patron shared about their participation.

“Seeing the children and planning for their future reaffirms a decision my husband and I made several years ago to invest ourselves and our finances with focus.  There are so many wonderful organizations meeting the needs of the most vulnerable in our society, but we have chosen to focus in on just a few.  YWAM and Rancho Los Amigos are at the top of that list.  So often I’ve felt overwhelmed with the sheer size of human need I see around us.  Because I felt powerless to affect change with the little I could do, I did nothing.  I have come to know that God isn’t asking me to save the world; that’s His job and I can’t do it.  He simply asks me to join Him in what I see Him doing in my little corner of the Earth.  That’s it.

Your participation, no matter how small, is combined with many others, and together we have the power to create a different reality for the 33 children who are finding love and hope for the first time in their lives.”

You may also look for and refer your friends to the RLA Cause at www.causes.com/rla.

The Value of


Making education a priority at Rancho Los Amigos is central to the future success of our children. Education helps to break the cycles of poverty, addiction, violence, and abuse.  Our goal is to provide them with a bilingual, character-based education that teaches them to be principled in decision–making, and that equips them in critical life skills so that they will be productive citizens who make a positive contribution to their community.

In 2010, Rancho Los Amigos opened a school for the children of RLA and the children of the staff, Colegio de las Naciones.  The school has been a valuable tool in helping the children that come to us having never attended school or with learning obstacles due to their past.

The funds raised for education pay for tuition, books, supplies, activities, transportation, specialized help and for associated needs that arise. The annual education budget is approximately $65,000 for our 40 children.

We invite you to partner with us as we make a difference in the lives of each child at RLA through their education.

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