Rancho Los Amigos Children's Home

Reach, Raise and Restore

Welcome to Rancho Los Amigos

Where we reach, raise and restore lives of hurting children!

Rancho Los Amigos is a ministry of YWAM, which will tug at your heart strings like no other. In 1983, when we were asked to take over its operation, Rancho Los Amigos was a children’s home situated on 12 dusty acres that provided a haven to abandoned, neglected, and abused children from various parts of Mexico.

Today Rancho Los Amigos still sits on those 12 acres and incredible changes have taken place.

RLA provides love, protection, a clean home, good meals, and an education to an average of 35 children primarily from the Juárez, Mexico area. RLA brings hope to children who find themselves growing up in very difficult situations. We seek to “Reach, Raise, and Restore” these needy and hurting children.

Rancho Los Amigos gives each child the following:

A solid good education

A solid education is central to the home’s endeavor to change the future for these children. Every school-aged child at the home has the opportunity to attend Colegio de las Naciones, our Christian school where they receive a good bilingual education with an academic program that focuses on their individual needs.

A possitive and safe enviroment to grow

RLA believes that giving each child an opportunity to grow in a positive environment alters the future of a child. Goals of the home are met through the help and service of our full-time volunteer missionary staff, and the generous support of donors and patrons to the ministry.

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