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What is the SOME?

Your DTS uncovered many aspects of God, but how do you share His message in an effective way? How do you defend the Gospel to a world that questions everything? How do you influence that specific area of society God put on your heart during DTS? The SOME offers answers to these questions and more.

Building on the foundations started in your DTS, we believe that in the bilingual* School of Missions and Evangelism you will be challenged to see the world and those in it in a completely different way. Our vision is to help you understand the task of missions, and equip you to be a leader who brings God’s hopes and dreams to a hurting world.

With a special focus on Indigenous People Groups, we take advantage of our diverse location in Mexico to learn ministry methods during lecture (3 months) and outreach (2 months) that will be applicable in any setting around the world. The school always looks to combine challenging teaching with practical application in the field. We even take SOME lecture times to the field so you can work alongside pastors and missionaries who live what they teach on a daily basis and experience missions while learning missions.



A few of the topics taught in the SOME are:

  • Sharing the Bible with oral learners
  • Biblical worldview
  • Apologetics
  • The Character of the Missionary

The SOME is part of the Associate of Arts Degree in Missions offered through YWAM Mexico and the University of the Nations.


*All schools are bilingual, Spanish and English.

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*Currently, there are no set dates for the next SOME.  However, if you are interested in doing the school, please email us using the address on the right.


*Costs for the next SOME are still to be determined.


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